The interest for CO2 refrigeration applications has significantly increased since system manufacturers and end users acknowledge more and more the advantages of using naturally occurring COas a refrigerant.

This range of CO2 evaporators is further complimented by an efficient electronically commutated (EC) fan offering to provide optimal energy efficiency. The system incorporates state of the art control methodology to ensure that the end user benefits through superior temperature control and fan energy consumption.

Kirby CO2 evaporator: main characteristics

The evaporator has a standard aluminium fin coil and painted white aluminium panels and can be used both in low temperature direct expansion freezer applications and medium temperature liquid overfeed systems.

The standard coils for subscritical cascade operations feature a design pressure of 3750 kPa.

The Kirby CO2 evaporator is available in two different versions:

  • Kirby medium temperature (KMC) designed for liquid re-circulation: 300-350 mm cooler
  • Kirby low temperature (KLC) designed for direct expansion: 300-350 mm freezer

What does the Kirby CO2 evaporator offer?

The Kirby CO2 evaporator is considered state of the art technology since each evaporator coil has been designed with the aim to take full advantage of CO2 potential whilst the oil circulation within the system has been improved. Its robust design also makes it easy to install.

In addition, the Kirby CO2 evaporator offers:

  • Heat exchange efficiency
  • Optimal capacity
  • Substantial reduction in compressor displacement needs
  • Higher flow rate compared to traditional evaporators

The list of advantages of the Kirby CO2 evaporator expands since the use of CO2 results in lower refrigerant costs and increased cooler capacity compared to that of the same cooler using another refrigerant.

About Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration

Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration provides solutions for commercial refrigeration and industrial applications that control climate change in more than 70 countries. It manufactures CO2 unit coolers, condensers, racks, condensing units, refrigeration systems and supermarket display cases through market-leading brands, including: Kirby, Larkin, Climate Control, Chandler, and Kysor/Warren.

Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration is a business segment of Lennox International Inc., a leading global provider of climate control solutions.


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