U.S.-based Ti Cold ‒ a designer and builder of industrial cold storage spaces ‒ has been awarded the 2023 Controlled Environment Building Association (CEBA) Built by the Best Award in the under-US$35 million (€32 million) category for a New England cold storage facility using transcritical CO2 (R744) refrigeration.

The award announcement took place at the CEBA Annual Conference and Expo held November 11‒14 in Palm Springs, California.

The award-winning 83,000ft2 (7,711m2) facility in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, is owned by CORE X COMPLETE and houses 18,000 pallet positions. According to the Ti Cold project page, the public cold storage warehouse provides frozen and refrigerated space for food distributors, processors and importers in Springfield and Boston.

Besides the transcritical CO2 refrigeration system, the facility incorporates several other “energy efficient and sustainable technologies,” including system heat reclaim, mobile racking, optimized lighting, window tinting and more, the CEBA press release noted.

“The mobile racking system allows the facility to hold 40–45% more pallet positions than the standard double deep racking,” Ti Cold said in a press release. “[The] environmentally friendly refrigeration system consumes less electricity than traditional ammonia [R717]-based systems,” the company added.

“We are deeply honored to be the recipient of the CEBA Built By The Best Award,” said Sam Tippmann, Founder and CEO of Ti Cold. “This award motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cold storage.”

Award finalist

Ti Cold was also a CEBA Built by the Best Award finalist in the over-US$35 million category for a Hamilton, Ontario (Canada), food processing and storage warehouse expansion. 

Owned by Sierra Supply Chain Services ‒ a full-service cold chain provider ‒ the facility’s 65ft (19.8m) tall expansion brought nearly 164,000ft2 (15,236m2) of additional storage space for over 36,000 pallets. According to the Ti Cold press release, the facility’s total temperature-controlled storage space is now 250,000ft2 (23,226m2), with 30,000 ft2 (2,787m2) of food processing space.

“Expertly designed narrow aisles and raised ceiling heights maximize density, decreasing the facility footprint and increasing storage capacity,” Ti Cold said.

The Canadian facility uses “energy saving systems” from the U.S.-based manufacturers Evapco and Budzar Industries, the company said, including Evapcold LCR and a Budzar Modular Engine Room. Both companies specialize in sustainable solutions using natural refrigerant systems.

“High density and high efficiency are the future in 3PL [third-party logistics] supply chain,” said Rob Vanden Broek, CEO of Sierra Supply Chain Services.

“This project continues the growth and expansion of our development footprint and is yet another exceptional example of market demand advancing cold chain infrastructure investment across North America,” Tippmann said.

According to CEBA, the 2023 CEBA Built by the Best Awards had nine submissions judged by a panel of five controlled environment industry professionals.

“We extend our appreciation to CEBA for recognizing our efforts and to the entire team at Ti Cold for their dedication to excellence,” Tippmann noted.

“These first-rate facilities will enable your customers to deliver on the promise they make to their customers,” said Brian Lynch, CEBA Executive Director, in the award announcement. 

Founded in 1978, CEBA, a Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) partner, represents builders specializing in designing and constructing cold storage warehouses and food processing and pharmaceutical facilities.

“We are deeply honored to be the recipient of the CEBA Built By The Best Award.”

Sam Tippmann, Founder and CEO of Ti Cold