Emerson CO2 propane

Emerson sees CO2, propane market growing in Europe

CO2 and propane (R290) will have a key role to play in the context of the HFC phase-down taking place in Europe under the EU’s F-Gas Regulation – and with this in mind, Emerson is putting together a diverse, “future-proof” portfolio to respond to evolving customer demand, Abhinav Barnwal, Product Manager Refrigeration and Marketing at Emerson Climate Technologies, told R744.com at the company’s MCE booth.

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Carter Retail Equipment

Greening pastures new: Carter’s journey to boost natural refrigerant technology in America

UK-based Carter Retail Equipment is looking to expand its global presence by bringing natural refrigerant systems to the US supermarket sector. Accelerate Europe visited their factory on the edge of Birmingham to hear first hand how growing interest in CO2 transcritical installations in the United States is creating new opportunities for European businesses.

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Migros CO2

Migros putting CO2 refrigeration technology at heart of climate strategy

Switzerland’s biggest retailer Migros is aiming to become a leader in climate protection and energy savings under its ‘Generation M’ sustainability programme. In its latest effort to trial and spread state-of-the-art CO2 refrigeration technology, Migros partnered with system engineering expert Frigo Consulting in its Ibach store to save 45% energy while setting new benchmarks for using ejectors across Europe.

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