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ATMOsphere America 2015: Coke convinced that CO2 is the ‘right bet’

Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company, has a long history of using carbon dioxide as the fizz in its soft drinks. Now CO2 is also Coke’s refrigerant of choice in its beverage coolers, vending machines and fountain equipment. At ATMOsphere America 2015 Coke presented on a light-commercial refrigeration panel on their journey to achieve HFC-free status for all new cooling equipment. On the same panel, four of Coke’s CO2 equipment suppliers describe

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Systemes LMP installs CRYSTAL CO2 unit at Canadian ice arena

R744 technology innovator Systemes LMP has created a CO2 system for artificial cooling of ice slabs called the “CRYSTAL”, already installed at an ice arena in Canada. The CRYSTAL is a multi-compressor unit with an operating capacity of 30 to 140t ideal for new constructions of ice rinks under renovation. Thanks to its state-of-the-art design, the unit features total heat recovery of the compressors, which can be used for commercial space heating, hot water, mechanical room.

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CO2 and hydrocarbons catching on at Seafood Expo Global 2015

At the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels from April 20-22, German manufacturer Ziegra showcased its industrial and commercial ice machines using CO2 and hydrocarbons respectively, but questioned the 150-gram charge limit leaving a gap in their product range. Working with Skaginn, Icelandic manufacturer FROST, who traditionally use ammonia in their refrigeration systems for fish processing, are also looking into CO2 as a viable industrial solution.

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