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Carrier opens first CO2OLacademy offering tailored training programmes

With training an important facet of expanding the CO2 transcritical market, on 25 March Carrier Commercial Refrigeration opened its CO2OLacademy field training facility in Germany, at its Research Development Center in Mainz. One of only a few training facilities with a live-store environment, the CO2OLacademy facility will improve the skills and technical knowledge of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration field technicians in Europe.

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Practical CO2 training arouses interest in Spain

Moving south to Spain, interviews the professors Nacho Fandos (IES Llombai) and Ramón Cabello (Jaume I University of Castellón), pioneers of CO2 training in the country. Thanks to collaboration with secondary schools, the Jaume I University of Castellón and companies such as Frost-Trol, training courses have been successfully run since 2011.

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CO2 refrigeration training: how supply is not keeping pace with demand

In view of growing ecological awareness and the EU F-Gas Regulation, CO2 is becoming a mainstream refrigerant in Europe, increasingly used in both domestic and industrial applications. However, the lack of training with regard to its installation and maintenance is slowing down its market uptake. Training needs to comprise both theoretical and practical approaches to learning to complement the heightened use, as the French Institute for Energy Training (Institut Francais de Formation

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