Two hotels in Spain – Casa de La Plata in Seville, and the Aparthotel Attica21 Vallés in Barcelona – have each installed a 30kW CO2 heat pump produced by Japanese OEM Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to generate sanitary hot water up to 90°C.

The heat pumps were installed in the last year by Madrid-based distributor Lumelco, which provided details on the installations. In both hotels, the Mitsubishi system, which also provides air conditioning, was combined with a ventilation system from Italian manufacturer LMF Clima.

Previously, in 2018, Lumelco completed four of these installations, three in hotels and one in a hostel. Lumelco, which has been working for more than 50 years in heating and cooling, is an exclusive importer for Dantherm, LMF, Broad, Giersch, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Spain and Portugal.

The Q-TON 30 kW systems can meet a demand of 7,590 and 1,968 liters of water a day for Casa de la Plata and Attica21, respectively, usually heating an average of 5,000 and 1,500 liters a day. Typically heating water between 60°C and 90°C, they achieve a performance coefficient of 4.66 and 4.62 when producing 60°C water, respectively. This results in monetary savings estimated at 46% compared to a traditional diesel furnace, and a 71% reduction of CO2 emissions annually.

Q-TON can be installed indoors or outdoors, adapting to the needs of the host space.  Its compact design makes it ideal for renovations or any location where space may be tight, according to Lumelco.

The Casa de La Plata Hotel, part of the H10 Hotel Chain, has 73 rooms, catering to individuals and families. The hotel focuses on local culture and flavors, with traditional Andalusia decorations and a restaurant serving local products and recipes. “This attention to detail was part of their motivation for seeking out the Q-TON system, wanting to continue their tradition of giving their clients the best experience possible,” said Lumelco.

For Attica 21, which has 119 rooms and offers a full range of hospitality services, a large part of its motivation is its emphasis on being environmentally friendly, actively seeking out green and energy efficient technology like the Q-TON, said Lumelco.

Author Pilar Aleu

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