2016 has been an action-packed year for natural refrigerants. Here at R744.com, as we head home to friends and family and look forward to 2017, it’s time to take stock of the past year and naturally (pun intended!) to reflect on the highlights of 2016 – from promising new policy developments and exciting events to cutting-edge technology advancements.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our loyal readers!

Policy: New opportunities for CO2

Global deal reached to limit use of HFCs
On 15 October, close to 200 countries struck a landmark deal to phase down the production and use of HFCs.

EU calls for removal of barriers to natref adoption
Standards, codes and legislation must be adapted to encourage wider rollout of HFC alternatives, argues an upcoming European Commission report.

New report sheds light on effects of EU F-Gas Regulation
The report shows a marked increase in CO2 transcritical stores and companies that are working with natural refrigerants.

Chillventa Congress: EU, US regulation boosting natref uptake
Strong regulation in place in Europe and the United States is creating opportunities for natural refrigerant technologies, heard participants in the Chillventa Congress.

CARB posts revised draft of HFC-reduction strategy
The California agency will assess the impact of the Kigali Amendment on its HFC phase-down plans.

How will Trump’s election influence natref adoption?
His campaign statements suggest the EPA’s HFC restrictions could be slowed down, impacting CO2 uptake.

End users: Progressive customers counting on CO2

Target to install first transcritical systems
A San Francisco store with the CO2 technology will open in March 2017.

EXCLUSIVE: Carrefour to open Brazilian hypermarket with CO2 transcritical system
The retail giant opened a hypermarket fitted with a state-of-the-art CO2 transcritical refrigeration system in the Brazilian city of São Paulo on 27 October.

Countdown leads on natrefs in New Zealand
The retailer is planning to open 10 CO2 transcritical stores per year as part of an ambitious sustainability strategy.

Transgourmet Group pioneering CO2 in Romania
The European food retail giant sees natural refrigerant technology playing a central role in delivering its goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2023.

Market/Technology: Scaling new heights in CO2 refrigeration

Mitsubishi enters CO2 race with all-new condensing unit
The Japanese multinatonal will offer a 10 HP system to the commercial refrigeration sector next April.

Advansor to deliver world’s biggest CO2 system so far
The Danish manufacturer is working on the biggest CO2 industrial refrigeration system known in the world in a lettuce plant in the Netherlands.

CAREL, Carrier join forces to tackle CO2 equator
The two HVAC&R firms have joined forces to develop and industrialise a range of modulating ejectors.

Movers & Shakers in CO2 Refrigeration
For 15 Movers & Shakers, CO2 systems represent a key part of their work.

Hillphoenix surpasses 200 transcritical CO2 systems.
The OEM has been especially busy this year, producing approximately 75 transcritical racks so far.

Panasonic’s Hussmann acquisition signals confidence in CO2
The Japanese giant is eyeing a rollout of natural refrigerant technology in the United States and beyond, the company’s president, Tetsuro Homma, told Accelerate America magazine.

Advansor scales new heights with CO2
The Danish company is showing how CO2 transcritical technology can be rolled out across the world and in all climates.

Events: CO2 in the spotlight around the world

Bitzer unveils next-gen CO2 compressors at Chillventa
Bitzer unveiled its new ECOLINE+ reciprocating compressors for CO2 systems at Chillventa.

Couple married on CO2 ice in Alaska
In a world first, a couple got married on a sheet of CO2-cooled ice. Steve Glines and Erin Roehling were married in Anchorage, Alaska at the Harry J. McDonald Memorial Center.

CAREL: CO2 ‘bigger than ever’ at this year’s Chillventa
CAREL talk us through their new control solutions for small-scale CO2 systems and outline their expectations for the future of CO2 as a refrigerant.

Paris Retail Week: ‘Growing’ demand for CO2 transcritical systems
Market opportunities for CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems are improving in France, driven by increased demand from supermarket giants like Carrefour, Picard and Intermarche. 

Manufacturers see openings for natural refrigerants in China
Food processing, cold storage and residential air conditioning are among the applications with the greatest potential to grow the market for natural refrigerants in China, according to manufacturers at China Refrigeration in Beijing.

Natural refrigerant technologies in limelight at MCE
Mostra Convegno Expoconfort saw manufacturers unveil new technologies for a range of CO2 applications.

Advansor: Push for integrated systems driving CO2 refrigeration
The Danish manufacturer is ready to capitalise on the European food retail sector’s move towards smaller stores by providing integrated heating and cooling systems.