Italian component manufacturer ZEC Spa has joined some of the HVAC&R industry’s leading CO2 (R744) manufacturers as a bronze partner on

ZEC Spa, located in Colorno, just outside Parma in northern Italy, manufactures thermoplastic hoses for low- to very high-pressure applications. The thermoplastic hoses are suitable for sub- and transcritical CO2 and also work with ammonia/NH3 (R717) and hydrocarbons. Other sectors utilizing ZEC hoses include hydraulics, pneumatics, lubricants and solvents.

ZEC’s portfolio includes a range of standard and special linear, single, multiple and spiral thermoplastic hoses with internal diameters ranging from 2 to 4mm (1/16 to 5/32in). The hoses are designed for working pressures from 5 to 1,280bar (72.5 to 18,565psig) and temperatures from -200 to 260°C (-328 to 500°F).

Founded in 1961 by Eugenio Zantelli, ZEC Spa has grown to be a company with a worldwide presence and distribution network in both the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. The company boasts a “strong passion for innovation” and sees this as an opportunity for social growth and a way to achieve economic goals. ZEC also views its strong tradition for innovation as an opportunity to help solve environmental challenges and reduce greenhouse gases.

One of ways ZEC has tackled this challenge is by developing a special line of hoses that are EN1736 Class 1 compliant. The standard covers flexible pipe elements, expansion joints and non-metallic tubes for refrigerant circuits of refrigerating systems and heat pumps, and Class 1 is its most stringent level, ensuring the lowest possible permeability to refrigerant gases. 

ZEC Spa also has a continuous focus on quality, and the company’s quality control systems has received UNI EN ISO 9001 – 2008 certification.

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