Toronto-based CIMCO refrigeration, a division of Toromont Industries, has reached a settlement of several court actions pertaining to CO2 refrigeration patents with Quebec companies Réfrigération, Plomberie & Chauffage Longueuil lnc. (ZERO-C) and Syscomax Inc., according to a joint statement released by the three companies.

Under the settlement, ZERO-C and Syscomax will be permitted to supply the patented CO2 refrigeration systems to ice rink facilities.

CIMCO took these court actions in Canada (Federal Court Files T-535-13, T-464-14 and T-1633-14) in connection with the manufacture and operation of CO2 refrigeration systems installed at three Quebec ice rink locations, alleging infringement of CIMCO’s Canadian Patent No. 2,738,874, entitled “CO2 REFRIGERATION SYSTEM” (the 874 Patent).

“”Promoting natural solutions remains a priority for us.”

Sébastien Castonguay, CIMCO

The three parties have agreed that CIMCO will grant a non-exclusive license on the 874 Patent as well on Canadian Patents No. 2,724,255 and 2,735,347 to ZERO-C and Syscomax in exchange for royalty payments. In addition, ZERO-C and Syscomax have also agreed not to infringe any claim of these patents until their expiration, while finding the claims of these patents to be valid and enforceable. In return, Zero-C and Syscomax will be permitted to operate the refrigeration systems.

“Promoting natural solutions remains a priority for us, as well as providing excellent service to all our customers and partners,” said Sébastien Castonguay, general manager for Eastern Canada at CIMCO.

On its website, CIMCO explains that it owns a number of patents, including many that apply to “CO2 for Ice Rinks.” 

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